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Expand and Evolve’ cultivates spaces for like-minded individuals coming together to expand their capacity for compassion, creativity, connection, and to evolve their collective consciousness, through vibration-elevating, soul-inspiring, and existence-enriching experiences.







Our Mission

Expand & Evolve’s mission is to empower individuals to EXPAND their perspectives of possibility, their understanding of spirituality, and their capacity for compassion, connection, and creativity, while simultaneously equipping them to EVOLVE their behaviors, mindsets, and consciousness in order to level-up in all areas of their lives so they may truly thrive as the best versions of themselves.
We aim to achieve this collective expansion and evolution through transformative, existence-enriching experiences such as workshops, retreats, conferences, nature immersions, travel adventures, and conscious music events, as well as via online courses, masterminds, podcast interviews, and coaching programs, in Dubai and around the world.

Value Offerings

Expand & evolve through a consciously curated itinerary consisting of::

Our Team

Mo Murad

Founder/Lead Guide

Fatima Asad


Nikola Jurisic


Eddy Sarkis


Bryant Huether

Programmes/Thrive Guide


We hold an ambitious vision for Expand & Evolve to play a pivotal role in elevating the collective consciousness of our planet.

-Mo Murad, E&E Founder



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